Our Story

Jennifer Fernandes, Founder and Pastry Chef of Natural Sweet Tooth Bakes started her baking journey in 2009, after working almost twenty years in IT globally.  Inspired by natural and holistic living, she decided to redefine quality of life for herself and her family, by eating 'clean,' nutritious, and whole foods. As part of this move to a healthier lifestyle, Jenny honed her skills in specialty natural baking, based on years of extensive research on the positive impacts of natural foods on health and wellness.

In her home-town of Bangalore, Jenny was alarmed by how most bakeries used chemicals and adulterated ingredients. As a mother, she felt compelled to raise awareness on how harmful these ingredients are to the health of families and children.

Jenny saw a gap in the market, and wanted to make a real difference to her community. As a result, Natural Sweet Tooth Bakes was born.  Since then, she has been driven to provide affordable, healthy and natural baked goods; and to live her passion as a creative entrepreneur. 

Natural Sweet Tooth Bakes uses only pure, natural, and mostly organic ingredients, with no chemicals, preservatives or adulterations of any kind. Jenny’s creations range from customised wedding & celebration cakes, decadent desserts, to healthy everyday bakes, made with only nature’s goodness.

Her philosophy is simple – she bakes for your family and loved ones, the way she bakes and cares for her own.