1) Can I make an Online Payment?

a) We do not have an online payment option as of now, please whatsapp @9972683303  Bank details. Payments to me made in Advance, Delivery Payment to be made directly to the Vendor at the time of receiving the Order.

2) Do you have Deliver through out Bangalore?

a) Yes, we do cater throughout Bangalore. The delivery charges are at Actual, as we use Ola/Uber/Dunzo for the same, the payment to be made to the Vendor directly at the time of Delivery.

We would love for you to come and pick up your orders too whenever possible, over a chit chat.

3) Why should I buy from you? What makes you Unique?

a) We Bake with purest of Raw ingredients available to us, for example Organic Flour, Organic Sugar, 100% pure Essence, 100% pure Cocoa Powder, Coverture Chocolates, Seasonal Organic/Natural farmed Fruits which we convert to  Homemade Fruit Preserves /Jams and use them in our fillings, Free range eggs etc. We treat our clients as our extended family and would love to educate them on how to make the right choices for themselves and their Families. We believe that Knowledge Increases when you share, and we would love to share what we have learnt at absolute no cost.

What we do not use

  • Non Dairy whipped topping (so called fresh cream available in India. Do read our blog on whipped cream). All are Cakes are made with the goodness of Butter.
  • Fake chocolates.
  • Adulterated, Not Certified Cocoa powder.
  • Adulterated Bleached Maida /Flour
  • Fake and chemically made Essence, Flavoring and Emulsions.
  • We stick to plant based Natural Colors, but if the Client is insistent on using Synthetic Colors we make them aware of it cons and only then go ahead.
  • Store bought Jams and Preserves.
  • Store bought Fake Syrups like Chocolate /Strawberry/Caramel etc, Nutella etc.
  • This list can go on …….

4) Why are your Products expensive compared to others Bakers and Bakeries, after all you are a Home Baker?

a) Quality Ingredients comes with a Price, and hence our Products are priced a wee bit Higher (Seriously I do not think so, check it with other known brands, this is very reasonable compared to the harmful ingredient that goes in their products). We believe that a treat should be taken like a treat “Once a month” and not food!! Even if the ingredients are at the purest you cannot eat the whole cake, isn’t it? We promote the concept “Eat Quality with Quantity, A piece of Cake is more than enough to curb your Sweettooth cravings once a while”. By planning and eating goodies once a while not only you are doing good to your Body and your wallet, but also supporting Artisan and Handmade products….this is in turn is supporting Organic and natural farmers to supply more, and when there is more demand the price of the raw ingredients will come down which will directly affect our prices positively…hope you see the whole Circle.

The other most important thing is Baking from Home is not cheap, remember we are aiming at Quality and not Quantity. We take only minimum orders that we can bake fresh for you every single day, Unlike the Bakery's where the sponges are made months in advance and are bought back to life by spraying loads of Sugar syrup....thinks about it?. We are small scale production, doing our art differently every single time, for every single customer. Mass production and replication is not what we aim at. And please do not forget about the Cleanliness and Hygiene in the way every ingredient is handled in our Kitchen.

5) My Cake tasted Different this time compared to what I ordered last time or the cake that I had at my friends baked by you tasted different when I ordered the same?

a) In and Organic and Natural world no two plant food Tastes the same, for Example the Cocoa powder we use……Our final Product depends on the Raw ingredient and we do not have control on the way they are cultivated, the water, the Minerals and the environmental changes affecting them. Our Base Recipes are standardized and perfected to the tee. The change in the flavor comes only because of the raw ingredients. Since we do not use any fake fillers and additives we cannot unify the way they taste every single time as would in the Bakeries. But none the less it is Delicious. Every single cake is created differently, it is custom made for each Client.

6) How can I choose the Flavor and Pricing of the Cakes?

a) Giving you an examples below

1) Chocolate Cake – Rs 1100 ( this is your Basic Chocolate cake, with Lite Chocolate sponges, and a Decadent Chocolate Buttercream Filling & Frosting).

2) Decadent Chocolate Cake – Rs 1300 (Basic Chocolate Cake + Ganache Chocolate Filling and Frosting (made with Pure Chocolate)+ topped with more Chocolate Decorations….applicable to any kind of Fruit Combination too)

3) Decadent Chocolate Custard Moose Cake – Rs 1500 (Basic Chocolate Cake + Ganache Chocolate Filling and Frosting (made with Pure Chocolate)+ topped with more Chocolate Decorations +Mousse….so you basically adding Rs 200 for anything additional).

You can do the Math, Hope this Helps (you can whatsapp us if you need more information).

 7) Do you Bake with Dietary Restriction?

a) We Bake for Anyone and Everyone. We bake for Clients who are Gluten intolerant, Are Vegan, Don’t eat Eggs, Who are Diabetic, on a specific Diet, Keto goodies etc. Tell us your requirement and we are sure we can  come up with something special for you.

8) Are all your Bakes Healthy?

a) The term "Healthy " really depends on how one defines its. If Ladoos are made with Pure, Unadulterated ingredients does it mean that you can have them every day?  or instead of Sugar one has used Jaggery, can you still eat it every day? No not really isn’t it, same goes with our baked goodies. According to me there is nothing called as Health Bakes (loads of Bakers are using this term and misleading consumers), yea there are “Healthier Options”, what that means is that we can use a mix of whole wheat and All-purpose flour in place of All-purpose flour alone or Jaggery in place of Sugar or Mixture of Millet flour and so on. 

Giving an example, someone tells you that  their products are made with High quality ingredient and they have used Nondairy whip cream topper for filling and frosting- as the so called famous Fresh cream cakes sold in India. Or someone sells Chocolates, that looks out of the world but is made with Fake compound chocolate, think about it? would you call them Healthy Eats?

Read my Blog for some insight.